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GoProRemote goes OpenSource and got renamed!



After publishing the GoProRemote on my birthday last year (31.12.2015)


and improoving the design and code for some months


releasing a second version with a display


then working harder on the first version that become a full usable product


I´ve now decided to make this project OpenSource and name it 1337Remote.

I don’t have the time to go commercial with it, but I don’t want to get my work get forgotten somewhere lying around on a NAS, so I created a github page and this blogpost.

That files you can download also on github.


I will work further on the code, espacially to get it work with a 360 Camera (LG 360 cam or similar) but I have to buy such a camera.

I am collecting a little amount of money ( about 200€ ) to buy one
I am glad about every cent! Be my founder .

Donate on Paypal

Some months ago I ordered an 3D printer and have made a 1337RemoteCase:

And here are the STLs :

Upside of the Remote

Downside of the Remote

One little problem left. I haven’t found a nice battery that works fine.
The 1337Remote needs to be powered with 3.3V and lasts, because of it’s power saving deep sleeps, for a very looooong time.

Here is how to Solder:

If you can help me, let´s do that together!